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"Le Combat Des Trente"

Historical reenactment event
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Combat Des Trente
The "Combat Des Trente" is intended to be a gathering of historical reconstruction on a European scale aimed at recreating the famous duel between two garrisons organized in 1351 in Brittany.

It is a 4-day immersive event in the middle of the 14th century organized on the Pont Croix 1358 reenacted village and will take place in the spring of 2023. The public will be invited to attend the fights on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Our ambition is to bring together 60 knights and squires in armor in order to offer a realistic fight for both participants and spectators. This event is open to all reenactors because a large part will be dedicated to civilian life in the days preceding the famous duel.

To participate, it will be necessary to fulfill the conditions of the specifications that we have put in place.

During the two years which separate us from the “Combat Des Trente” we will also set up university research work and a conference cycle. around this theme and this period of history. We also wish to publish a publication bringing together our work.
"Combat Des Trente"

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